NEW IPM with Integrated Driver



Read about our SymCool™ IQ Intelligent Power Module (IPM), SymCool™ Power Module and B-TRAN™ Discrete Products.

SymCool™ IQ IPM
SymCool™ Power Module
SymCool™ Power Module
B-TRAN™ Discrete
B-TRAN™ Discrete

B-TRAN™ Advantages

  • Monolithic Bidirectional Switch
  • Ultra-Low On-State Voltage Drop
  • Low Switching Losses
  • Reduction of System Components
  • Switching Frequency up to 35 KHZ
  • Innovative Packaging with Low Parasitic Inductance
  • Available with Integrated Driver (SymCool™ IQ IPM)

Application Examples

Solid State Circuit Breaker
Solid-State Circuit Breaker​
Matrix Converter
3-Level T-Type Inverter​
3-Level T-Type Inverter​

B-TRAN™ replaces 4 conventional devices to provide a bidirectional switch

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