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We are commercializing an innovative, proprietary semiconductor power switch

Ideal Power (NASDAQ: IPWR) is pioneering the development and commercialization of its broadly patented bidirectional semiconductor power switch, creating highly efficient and ecofriendly energy control solutions for electric vehicle, electric vehicle charging, renewable energy, energy storage, UPS/data center, solid-state circuit breaker and other industrial and military applications. The Company is focused on its patented Bidirectional, Bipolar Junction Transistor (B-TRAN™) semiconductor technology. B-TRAN™ is a unique double-sided bidirectional AC switch that delivers substantial performance improvements over today's conventional power semiconductors. Ideal Power’s B-TRAN™ can reduce conduction and switching losses, complexity of thermal management and operating cost in AC power switching and control circuitry.

specific and significant applications

Ideal Power’s B-TRAN™ Semiconductor Power Switch

Compared to conventional semiconductor power switches, such as Insulated-Gate Bipolar Transistors, or IGBTs, B-TRAN™ offers significant improvements in efficiency, reducing power losses by 50% or more depending on the application. The higher efficiency of B-TRAN™ results in less heat being generated and thus significantly lower thermal management requirements. In addition, the B-TRAN™ is bidirectional, replacing multiple conventional power switches with a single B-TRAN™ in bidirectional applications.

EV Powertrain Image

Electric Vehicles

Power semiconductors account for about 20% of the total electric power losses in hybrid EVs and potentially more of the losses in an EV. Utilizing B-TRAN™s rather than conventional power switches in an EV could potentially result in a 7% to 10% improvement in its range.

EV car charger

EV Charging

The heart of these chargers is an AC-DC converter that uses IGBT or silicon MOSFET switch technology depending on power level. B-TRAN™ offers approximately 50% lower losses than current IGBT switches. Result is reduced charging time and consumer cost.

renewable energy


Inverter efficiencies are expected to approach 99% utilizing B-TRAN™s, compared to up to 97% with standard IGBT based designs. This results in more usable electricity at lower costs, lower thermal management costs and potentially lower cost inverter designs.

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Energy Storage

Energy storage can be used for demand charge management or paired with solar or wind to make renewables a firm and dispatchable source of energy. B-TRAN™ would increase the value of energy storage systems due to its bidirectionality and higher efficiency.

data center

IT Infrastructure

In a UPS data center application, the lower conduction loss of B-TRAN™ is expected to result in annual electricity savings. Wasted energy impacts the cost and complexity of data center cooling system. Our technology could significantly improve UPS efficiency.

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Solid-State Circuit Breakers

B-TRAN™ is an enabling technology for SSCBs. B-TRAN™ offers potentially more than a 50% reduction in conduction losses compared to IGBTs allowing much more useful energy to be transmitted with lower cost and less complex cooling systems, significantly impacting the economics.


Our Technology

Our proprietary semiconductor architecture technology solves an immediate need in large, attractive, growing markets. Read more below.

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Investor Presentation

Investment Highlights: Disruptive Semiconductor Architecture Technology, Bidirectional, Low Loss Semiconductor Switch, Broad Patent Estate, Attractive Growth Markets –…

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B-TRAN™ Applications & Benefits

Ideal Power has developed and patented an innovative, proprietary semiconductor power switch called the Bidirectional Bipolar Junction Transistor,…

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B-TRAN™ Enabled SSCB Application

B-TRAN™ Devices in Solid-State Circuit Breaker Applications: The increased electrification in our society is leading to increased demand…

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B-TRAN™ Data Sheet

Read the full Technical Specifications: Key Features, Applications, Electrical Characteristics, Switching Characteristics and Package Information

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At A Glance

Stock Symbol:
Our stock trades on NASDAQ under the symbol IPWR

May 17, 2007


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At A Glance

Investment Highlights
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What is B-TRAN™?

• B-TRAN is a proprietary semiconductor architecture
• B-TRAN is low loss and bidirectional
• Requires less complex thermal management

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Broad Patent Estate

• B-TRAN device architecture
• Control methodologies and techniques
• Coverage in US and several foreign jurisdictions
• Applications specific uses of B-TRAN

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Announced Collaborations

• Stellantis, a top 10 global automaker
• A second Top 10 global automaker
• Top 10 global solar power conversion provider
• Two Forbes Global 500 diverse power management market leaders
• Tier 1 global automotive supplier