Multiport Options

Multiport Option

The Stabiliti 30C is a bi-directional dual port (AC/DC) PCS, utilized in traditional energy storage applications. The 30C3 adds a 2nd DC port, enabling bi-directional power flows between all 3 power ports (AC-DC-DC).


Galvanic Isolation

Galvanic isolation eliminates the possibility of unwanted faults between AC and DC power ports, adding a layer of safety in the event of unexpected equipment failure. No isolation transformer is required.

Galvanic Isolation


PPSA provides the Industry’s highest efficiency in multiport Storage + Solar PCS applications, and supports flexible power flows, including: PV to Storage; PV + Storage to Grid; Storage to Grid; and Grid to Storage.

Compact, Modular and Stackable

Compact, Modular & Stackable

The Smallest PCS in its class is easily wall or rack mountable, saving on installation & shipping costs. Stabiliti is also stackable so multiple units can work in concert to support higher power applications at 60kW to 90kW+.

Indoor or Outdoor Installation

Stabiliti is NEMA3R rated, and operates over a wide temperature range, with derated operation above 50 C: giving installers the flexibility they need to support indoor or outdoor equipment installations.

Solar + Storage

Stabiliti 30C3 is the ideal solution for C&I rooftop renewables integration, maximizing your ESS investment while also supporting Solar.

Dual Batteries

Stabiliti 30C3 provides the ultimate project flexibility by being battery technology and chemistry agnostic, supporting two batteries simultaneously: this enables power (frequency regulation) and energy (peak-shaving) value-streams on a single converter.

Peak Shaving

Stabiliti will often be utilized for peak-shaving/demand management applications, but new and flexible PCS capabilities, will expand the scope of value-add services delivered to C&I customers, and serving utilities.

Resilient Backup Power

Unlike a traditional PV Inverter, Ideal Power’s Stabiliti PCS can rapidly switch from the voltage-following to voltage-forming modes to provide support of in-building critical loads.


Stabiliti can also be utilized in stand-alone, or parallel microgrid mode for rural, or community power applications. 480 Vac / 60 Hz, 50 Hz / 400 Vac, and emerging DC microgrid standards are all supported.