Innovation At Our Core

Ideal Power’s patented Power Packet Switching Architecture (PPSA™) merges novel power management algorithms with soft-switched semiconductors, eliminating the bulky and inefficient passive components that have been the mainstay of power converters for decades. PPSA-based systems are smaller and lighter; as well as more flexible, efficient, and reliable than conventional solutions, dramatically reducing installation and operating costs while increasing return on investment.

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Accelerating the Renewable Energy Revolution

By providing affordable, clean, and distributed sources of energy, solar is revolutionizing the way the world gets its power. Combine solar with cost effective storage and the market for renewable energy accelerates dramatically across the globe in grid-tied, microgrid, and/or off-grid applications. A key driver in this convergence is Ideal Power’s next generation inverter/converter technology and platform that enables PV plus storage to cost effectively, flexibly, and efficiently solve key end customer problems related to demand charge reduction and critical load support, as well as availability and resiliency of power supply.

Underlying our platform are core technologies that support variable energy demand, enabling energy from any port, to any port, as well as on or off the grid. Furthermore, our platform is compatible with leading battery technologies and provides the best value on the market for peak demand management, alternating current (AC) microgrids, direct current (DC) microgrids and backup power applications.

Our grid-resilient, bi-directional, multiport technology is the most cost effective, versatile, and scalable solution on the market today. It will be a key factor in accelerating the convergence of solar and storage.

Product Line

30 kW Stabiliti™ Multiport Power Conversion System
Ordering Part Number: 30C3

The Stabiliti™ PCS is galvanically isolated, indoor/outdoor rated, and is the smallest PCS in its class.  The 30C3 model is a multiport power converter supporting bi-directional power flows between all three of its power ports (AC-DC-DC) enabling a variety of applications such as solar+storage, demand management, backup power and microgrids.

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30 kW Stabiliti™ Series Dual Port Power Conversion System
Ordering Part Number: 30C

The Stabiliti™ PCS is galvanically isolated, indoor/outdoor rated, and is the smallest PCS in its class. The 30C is also stackable so multiple units can work together to support higher power applications at 60 kW, 90 kW and more.  The 30C power converter supports bi-directional power flows between both of its power ports (AC-DC) enabling storage applications such as demand management, backup power resiliency, and microgrids.

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Next Generation Technology for the Clean Energy Economy

In addition to the ongoing development of our current products, we have received patents for a new
bi-directional silicon power switch design, the B-TRAN™, which will further improve our competitive
advantage in weight, size, cost reductions and efficiency.
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Product Model Numbers: IPV-30, IBC-30, 30B3-4DF, 30B3-4xF, 125B2-4F and 30PV+S